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Crystal infuse your drinks at home or on the go!

 Each straw comes with its very own brush for easy care and cleaning. Sustainable & reusable.


Wonderful Quality I recommend! ^ ^


Wonderful product and the customer service Pamela provides is beyond excellent


Words cannot describe how beautiful this bottle is! Pictures cannot do it justice either. I even love how fast this shipped to me! I highly recommend getting this if your looking for crystal bottles! It is so well made, and you can tell this was packaged with love as well!


Once again, great crystals. Amazing deep red hue. Cannot wait to use them in my bottle.


Beautiful! Pictures don't do it justice. 
Great quality glass and parts 🖤


I’m absolutely in love with this water bottle! It’s beautiful and the seller shipped super fast! Thank you!!


When I pulled this out of the box, I thought this was so so sooooo much prettier than the picture. It was packaged for shipping very well. The seller was also very kind and easy to work with on requests. I love my bottle and bags of crystals.


Love it! It came so perfectly wrapped with no damage from shopping. I ordered it and got it the very next week!


Eeeek!! I love this bottle so much!!!! As other reviewers have mentioned, it’s much prettier in person (although it looks great in the photos). I ordered some crystals to go with it, and I’m super happy with everything. I received it right in time for the new ☽, so I was able to start cleansing, blessing, and using right away. I love that the crystals are in their own compartment so you don’t have to worry about any toxins from the stones, or whatever substances were used in their polishing, infusing into the water, only their positive metaphysical properties and the intentions you set for them. This also greatly increases its versatility as you can use any stones you want- even ones that break down in water-since they won’t actually touch the water, but are still there charging it. The tea infuser works great, too!