3 Easy steps to make crystal infused water


Making Crystal Infused water with your new Moon Water bottle in 3 easy steps!

1) clean out your new Moon Water bottle, the glass body portion is totally dish washer safe, but to keep your bottle in good shape it is advised to hand wash the lids. 

2) Choose your crystal! I like to make sure I have newly charged or cleansed crystals form water. And don't forget you CAN mix and match crystals. Make sure you are following Moon Water Bottle on instagram for lots of recipes. Fill up the bottom smaller portion of the glass body with your chosen crystal and secure with lid.

 Crystals to Use & Their Purposes

If you’re still unsure which stones you should use, here are a few recommendations:

  • Shungite – for cleansing and detoxifying the body 

  •  Amethyst – helps bring spiritual guidance, balance, and peace into one’s life, and is great for anything related to the third-eye chakra
  • Obsidian – A protective stone that shields against negative energy. It is also truth-enhancing and promotes emotional stability.

  • Lapis Lazuli – helps strengthen your bonds with others, manifests compassion and self-love, and cleanses fear

  • Rose quartz – can help with anything involving the heart chakra, and keeps you calm during stressful times. It also aids in forgiveness and love.
  •  Red jasper – for bringing endurance, stamina, energy, and physical and inner strength into your life.
  • Clear quartz – helps clear negative energy out, strengthens the auric field, and for overcoming self-doubt.

  •  Citrine – the bright, yellow color of citrine means that it is associated with the sun. Drink citrine water to drive out negativity and darkness. It’s also good for enhancing prosperity and fertility.
  • Carnelian – available in shades of orange, red, and even brown, this stone is known for promoting motivation, endurance, and creativity.

  •  Smoky quartz – in shades of brown, this member of the quartz family is associated with home, nature, and stability. It’s a good choice for a grounding stone.


3)  Fill the the bottle with spring or purified water and and you are ready to go!


Bonus Crystal water making tips -

  •  place your filled bottle out in at least three or four hours of sunlight to help activate your crystals
  •  Try to set an intention for your water, remember that intention every time you take a sip. 
  • There is no need to drink the water right away. I like to stick mine in the fridge and let it get cool first, I always try and keep rose quartz-infused water and amethyst infused water to save for when I have to go to places where I know will be hectic and stressful. I drink a bit before and during the event to stay calm and peaceful.

  •  Use moonlight instead of sunlight to charge the water and stones – especially on nights of a New Moon or Full Moon. Ideally, wait until a New Moon to charge crystal water if your intentions are to bring something new into your life. Charging under a full moon is ideal if the intention involves increasing something in your life, such as positive energy or luck. If you can’t wait until a Full or New Moon, then go ahead and do the sunlight method.
  •   You can certainly add more than one stone to your water, just as long as they are a good combination together. Carnelian + clear quartz is a good combination to have for work. Carnelian will give you a boost of energy and creativity, and the clear quartz will boost your focus. Lapis lazuli + rose quartz make a good combination for any crystal water elixir intended for finding new love or strengthening a current relationship.


Crystal-infused water, gem water, elixirs: whatever you want to call them, they are here to stay.How do you use your Moon Water Bottle?